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Asthma and Oral health

Asthma is perhaps one of the more common respiratory issues , both in children and in adults. It is a condition that can lead to

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Treatment of cleft lip and palate

Treatment of cleft lip and palate is a team effort! Meet our young patient,who was very clear about getting her teeth aligned ,and willing to travel 1100 km to and fro every alternate month,to get her teeth aligned after surgery..

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Use of Pacifier by Dr. Gayatri Moghe

Dr. Gayatri Moghe, Pedodontist. Taking care and importance of milk teeth. Here are some useful things to keep in mind as to what happens when children whose teeth are developed are given the pacifier.

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Weening foods & Decay in Milkteeth by Dr. Gayatri Moghe 

Dr. Gayatri Moghe – Paediatric dentist explaining about weening of milk teeth. She says that the child should be breast fed at the time of weening. The child should be avoided night feeding after one year of age. Avoiding processed food ensures that the child’s kidneys are not overburdened with excessive sodium present in processed food.

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Teething and Milkteeth Care by Dr. Gayatri Moghe

Dr. Gayatri Moghe – Paediatric dentist is speaking about the common problems during the eruption of milk teeth. It is mostly believed that during teething the child has problems such as lose stools, vomiting but it is misconception as it is more about the pain and irritation when the tooth tries to come out of the gum.

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Importance of Milkteeth by Dr. Gayatri Moghe

Dr. Gayatri Moghe – Paediatric dentist is discussing about the milk teeth in children. Milk teeth are also called primary teeth. Milk teeth start erupting about six months of age. But in some children, they emerge as soon as they are born.

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